Погрешан син 2018


10 years after disappearing, Matt mysteriously returns home. Suspicions grow when Matt's brother is injured in a car accident similar to the one that recently killed their father. Is Matt really the missing son or a deceitful stranger?

All Titles
  • US: The Wrong Son The Wrong Son
  • FR: Es-tu mon fils? Es-tu mon fils?
  • IT: L'identità rubata L'identità rubata
  • ES: El secreto de su hijo El secreto de su hijo
  • UA: Her Son's Deadly Secret Her Son's Deadly Secret
  • US: The Wrong Son The Wrong Son
  • US: Impostor? Impostor?
  • US: Her Son's Secret Her Son's Secret
Director Nick Everhart
Artists Olivia d'Abo
as Sarah
Tammy Blanchard
as Jessie
Frank Rossi
as Acting Coach (Ryan Herzog)
Released 19 Apr 2018
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