Poslednje utočište 2000

Drama Romance

When a young Russian woman and her son leave Moscow to meet her fiancé, who fails to show up, she declares political asylum.

All Titles
  • UA: Last Resort Last Resort
  • FI: Viimeinen ranta Viimeinen ranta
  • FR: Transit Palace Transit Palace
  • GR: To teleftaio katafygio To teleftaio katafygio
  • HU: Az utolsó menedék Az utolsó menedék
  • IT: Last Resort Last Resort
  • IT: Last resort - Amore senza scampo Last resort - Amore senza scampo
  • PL: Ostatnie wyjscie Ostatnie wyjscie
  • PT: A Última Oportunidade A Última Oportunidade
  • RU: Последнее пристанище Последнее пристанище
  • ES: Last Resort Last Resort
Director Pawel Pawlikowski
Artists David Auker
as 2nd Council Official
Perry Benson
as Immigration Officer
Bruce Byron
as Police Officer
Released 23 Nov 2006
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